With classes throughout the week, physical arts aims to cater to all levels of skill and to everyone's own personal ambitions. Whether you want to be the next kickboxing world champion or simply want to get fit and lose some weight, physical arts has a class for you.

For cardiovasculor fitness, rhythm, coordination and flexiblity the physical arts kickboxercise class is unsurpassed. Utilising light hand weights (optional) the class is taken through a high energy, dance style, workout before doing a cool-down period, that involves yoga style stretching and breathing exercises to improve flexibilty and control. Movements in the first part of this class range from simple punching exercises aimed at improving the upper body and arms, ducking and movement that strengthens the torso and lower parts of the body and finally kicking that trains the legs and abdominal muscles. All of the movements train a wide range of muscles making it is possible to attain a "better" physique in less time than would normally be possible in a gym workout. At the same time you have rediscovered your natural agility and strength, reclaiming your own physical space.


Working as a group generates more energy than working seperately, creating a vibe which inspires you to attain new levels of achievement. At the end of this session, participants put all this together using movement and visualisation in a kind of shadow-boxing to music which we call form fighting.

When people decide that they would actually like to learn to kickbox then they enter the techniques class. This class consists of a range of training methods to learn new techniques, both individually and in pairs. To sharpen up one's skills several of the training techniques involve non-contact form fighting. It is as important to train the brain in how to fight as it is the body.

Light and semi contact sparring is for the slightly more addicted member. As far as the battle of the sexes goes, when sparring man and woman, the woman is allowed to hit and the man simply to dodge and guard (not being allowed to hit back really does encourage you to move - some of these girls hit hard!). Single sex sparring generally consists of 2 minute rounds in which both participants aim to score points by getting a shot through the guard of their opponent.

Techniques classes are very varied and can generally include anything from fitness training to sparring. Most recent lessons have utilised a training circle in which participants of the class take it in turns to form fight / demonstrate techniques. This style of training aims to develop the brain as well as the body, as it requires the individual to visualise an opponent and to string tchniquess together into combinations. Repeatedly doing this gives the mind something to fall back on when carrying out an attack / counter attack.

Members can only achieve gradings by attending the techniques classes. As you progress some gradings will require you to spar.

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