Miss Physical Arts, Nadia is known to train more than is humanly possible leaving other members of the club to ponder whether or not she is in fact a terminator sent from the future to wear us all out. The three times British Champion went straight into the deep end in her usual style at the European Championships last October, taking on the present European and World champion from Hungary. Nadia gave as good as she got although the World Champion's experience eventually won through. In October 2001 Nadia improved on her perfomance at the Europeans by competing at the World Championships in Slovenia - also taking part in this event from Physical Arts were Orson Nava and David Underwood along with Sensei Dwyer Evelyn, the British light continuous team coach.

When she's not training hard Nadia is putting the final touches on the dissertation for her Phd in psychology, and if that's not enough then any spare time she manages to find is spent bending herself into all sorts of interesting positions in yoga or spinning on her head in capoeria. This former aerobics champion is truly a physical artist... if you see her out clubbing you'll know what we mean!!

Personal details

1999-2002 Physical Arts Instructor - Teaching at Dojo Physical Arts on the South Bank, London
1998-2002 Karate Kickboxing training
Gold medalist at the 2001 WAKO Open British Championships for Light Continuous (<55 kgs)
Gold medalist at the 2000 WAKO Open British Championships for Light Continuous (<55 kgs)
Gold medalist at the 2000 BIKMA British Championships for Light Continuous ( < 62 kg)
Bronze medalist at the 1999 WAKO Open British Championship for Light Continuous
1995-1999 Capoeira training - Member of Capoeira Norte group
Performed with Capoeira Norte at Batizado events, outdoors and venues in Manchester
1993-1995 Vis-Vitalis Sports Center. Athens, Greece - Aerobics instructor
Competed at the 1994 and 1995 National Aerobic Championship (pairs-duo formation), Greece

1995-2002 University College London, London
B.Sc. Psychology (1992-1995)
M.Sc. Health Psychology
P.hD. Health Psychology (currently undertaken part time)

Music, Clubbing and Snowboarding