Physical Arts is based on realising your full potential as a human being, starting with developing your natural physical intelligence and mastering your own physical space through movement. Doing that, however, necessarily also involves psychological and spiritual self-awareness. A dynamic and holistic system, Physical Arts shapes both body and mind. It embraces not only the martial arts but kick-boxercise, rhythm and movement, yoga for flexibility, and breathing exercises. As its many students can confirm, it is demanding but a lot of fun, and never (unlike the gym) boring! Results range from the gain in fitness, flexibility, strength and energy to an improved body shape and tone. Another benefit is release from the stress that builds up as a result of the modern Western way of life. You also naturally master techniques for self-defence.


But it doesn't stop there, because the challenge of physical self-development demands personal self-knowledge and development, too. A particular benefit to women, for example, is the gain in confidence from the self-defence element, together with learning how to handle aggression - and serve it up, in a controlled way. Dwyer also specialises in teaching children, with whom he has a natural rapport. But the sense of well-being, self-esteem and exhilaration that Physical Arts offers is open to absolutely everyone.


Classes are presently based at Dojo Physical Arts, on South Bank London, where Dwyer teaches popular classes in the evenings and at weekends. During weekdays, he teaches smaller private lessons with personally-tailored training. There is also a children's class on Saturdays and a sparring class on Sundays. Prices vary, with different tariffs to meet different needs. For those who want it, Dwyer trains and grades students in the Mugendo tradition up to black belt, and he leads his own team in local, national and international competitions. In recent British WAKO championships, Dwyer's team took sixteen medals. (Participation, however, is strictly voluntary!)

His students at Physical Arts come in all sizes, shapes and ages: literally from 6 to 60! They include City stockbrokers, PA people, computer programmers, Ph.D.'s, musicians, actors, theatre producers, writers, solicitors, TV and film directors, designers, lords, ladies and gentlemen. A typical group class of one hour will start with half an hour of kick-boxercise to some excellent music, followed by a yoga stretch and breathing warmdown, and culminating in some basic karate kick-boxing. Some students will then stay on for another hour of a more technical workout, following the grading curriculum, which also includes non-contact (but nonetheless well-padded) form-fighting. Students with senior grades also engage in controlled contact sparring.


Waderu karate and boxing led to Mugendo, and Mugendo to the Physical Arts. In the same way, the Physical Arts system itself is constantly evolving and expanding, taking in ever deeper and higher dimensions both physical and spiritual. Led by Sensei Dwyer Evelyn, it is well on its way to becoming the premier martial art of the twenty-first century.